The landscape of the Energy and Utilities industries is undergoing a major change. The addition of solar and wind power stations, computerized monitoring equipment, and remote access to sites requires new technology to connect these energy stations, water reservoirs and dams, pumping stations, and oil and gas storage facilities.

Energy and utility companies are increasingly more reliant on remote communications and monitoring through managed networks. Updating existing infrastructure, legacy networks, and new facilities allows these companies to have access to a fast, reliable network; remote monitoring; and create an infrastructure to gather IoT data and parameters for advanced monitoring. Extreme Copper provides a secure, scalable foundation that enables energy and utility companies to easily connect with their sub-stations and customers to meet production demand.

Extreme Copper directly affects these industries by providing low-cost, distributed connectivity to remote monitoring. Our products offer solutions with advanced copper and hybrid copper/fiber extensions that utilize existing infrastructure and networks. Typical models for use are the CES7000, iReader-600 RFID, iSwitch-300 RFID, NE300, NE400, NE600-EFM-4, NE600-EFM-8, NT200R-Plus, NT200R-Plus WiFi, RP300, and TES7000. Even if the structure contains CAT5, the TES7000 will improve the throughput and bandwidth with multi-gigabit capability. Extreme Copper products provide solutions for energy and utility network connectivity that can be conveniently installed in any accessible location that is not temperature controlled to reliably enable network services and wide area connectivity over existing copper wiring. Our solutions are designed to enable energy and utility managers to develop the complex control and monitoring applications they need without having to focus on an expensive infrastructure upgrade.