Extreme Copper develops custom implementation plans to install, configure, and integrate our products into your system. By providing a number of services that are included with the purchase of our products, we can save our customers thousands of dollars by eliminating the need to hire outside consultants. These services include a demonstration and configuration of one custom solution to work with your system before you make a final decision to work with us. Upon signing a contract agreement and purchasing a  product to fit your needs, the cost of on-site service will be waived. We provide this service in the form of TeamViewer sessions and downloads, and even on-site visits in the domestic US.

We provide a number of additional services, at an extra charge, to make the transition to our products seamless and easy. These include:

  • Management Setup – Assistance with integration of our products into our customers’ SNMP Network
  • Network Design – Creation of customized network diagrams from customers’ raw input
  • Professional Services that consist of:
    • Installation with remote and on-site support
    • Maintenance with remote and on-site support