Extreme Copper offers an innovative management solution that enables the private and government sectors to cost-effectively and efficiently monitor their local and wide-area broadband deployments.  The management solution allows network and IT operators to scale their network, shortening ‘time to service’ and increasing service availability, while reducing operational expenses and complexity. Root cause analysis, anomaly detection and correlation are integrated with ticketing systems. The Extreme Copper Management Solution offers features like role-based reporting and 3-year data retention trending and prediction.

The Extreme Copper management suite integrates the EMS and dashboard with comprehensive OA&M capabilities across the Extreme Copper products portfolio.

Extreme Copper’s management solution offers core management capabilities, including Fault, Configuration, Performance, and Security Management.  All of these are in accordance with ITU Telecommunication Management Network standards and the FCAPS model to enable the following key benefits:

  • State of the Art: HTML5 and CSS-based used experience
  • Fast deployment: remote monitoring with configurations for our network devices are already pre-configured with standard profiles, intuitive setup and configuration
  • Support Capability: 7 x 24 x 365, Tele / email / web customizable
  • Easy to use: everything on a single screen if you wish, help desk screens, mapping view plotting, screen sharing
  • Scalable Element Management: Support for multiple CO head-end devices and over 50K CPEs, low cost subscription based
  • Industrial Solutions: Advanced Security and access control mechanisms
  • Standards-based interfaces: SNMP, TL1, WMI protocols to allow easy integration with ours if you choose or any other management system.
  • Flexible scope: Simple private WAN or Cloud-based.

Pricing is typically $500/month; $3/device monthly. Custom build-outs with turnkey solutions.