Extreme Copper is a leader and first provider of Ethernet over Copper (EOC) hardened, networking equipment for Intelligent Transportation and Industrial Networking Systems. Extreme Copper designs and manufactures temperature hardened, advanced solutions for traffic and transportation systems. Using advanced copper extension technology our multiplexers, modems, and switches combine copper and fiber optics for cost-effective, multi-megabit, and multi-gigabit transmission solutions. Repeater, drop-and-continue, and ring topologies provide transport for CCTV, ramp meters, and remote sensors that is easily integrated into traffic controllers and field hub cabinets.

Extreme Copper, Inc. works with federal, state and local government, municipalities, and private enterprises on the design of traffic/ITS, public safety, IOT/Smart Car, and video surveillance applications across major metropolitan and rural areas throughout North America.  We are committed to working with our customers to meet their infrastructure build-out needs for achieving adaptive traffic monitoring, real time and on-time performance improvements through high speed data, video and parameters gathering with equipment that is designed with these applications as a focus.

Our US based operations and American assembled products allow custom configuration of our solutions and seamless integration with existing copper and fiber plant. Fiber and wireless technologies were not designed to provide lost-cost, secure solutions to areas with medium to low concentration of users and rural markets. However, copper cable is a widely available solution that utilizes existing infrastructure to deliver the required results. Our devices are temperature hardened, space and power saving, and plug in to the existing cabinet racks and controller slots. Unlike wireless, we can provide a network which is secure on all levels. We also integrate wireless into our solutions where justified. As the market leader and specialist in high performance copper access systems, we provide reliable and scalable network solutions that leverage broadband over copper.

Mission & Vision

Extreme Copper, Inc. was founded in 1999 to provide high-speed communications options to the networked community. We offer innovative products that move multi-gigabit communications to the network edge and into government, enterprise, and business premises. We provide cost-effective equipment solutions for Intelligent Transportation Systems, Traffic Signaling System upgrades, and real-time video expansion and remote sensor monitoring needs.

Our Value

Extreme Copper, Inc. is the only developer focused on 100% US assembled products in this industry. This allows us to provide cost-effective equipment solutions for intelligent transportation systems, traffic signaling systems, system upgrades, and expansion needs.

Extreme Copper, Inc. leverages the “Buy American” Act with no-waiver products to help ensure that infrastructure projects are built with American-assembled products. We are driven to meet the demands of cost-sensitive projects.