Extreme Copper was the first provider of Ethernet over Copper (EOC) networking equipment for Intelligent Traffic, Transportation, and Industrial Networking Systems. Extreme Copper designs and manufactures advanced temperature hardened solutions that provide advanced copper extension technology. Our solutions feature purpose-built multiplexers, modems, and switches that combine copper and fiber optics for cost effective multi-megabit and multi-gigabit transmission capability. Point-to-point, multi-point, repeater, drop-and-continue, multilink pole top, and fiber ring topologies provide reliable high speed transport of CCTV, ramp meter, and remote sensor parameters that are easily integrated into road-side controllers and field hub cabinets.

By leveraging high performance broadband over copper solutions from Extreme Copper, operators can turn underutilized, unused, and nascent copper into a high value media that significantly precludes the need for new fiber optic buildout, expands the value of their existing infrastructure, and enables high speed services where there were previously none available.

Many of today’s largest growth opportunities for network operators require getting more bandwidth to where it is not economically feasible or physically possible to deploy new fiber. Fiber optics requires right-of-way, site surveys, site acquisition, time consuming permits, intense scheduling, as well as trenching and installation at high costs per mile. In many cases, this solution is not feasible. Millimeter waves involve even more complex site surveys, expensive simulation tools, calculations, and long operations procedures.  Non line-of-site wireless solutions do not offer the capability of avoiding obstacles.

Neither of these technologies offers copper’s advantages of existing at almost any location, being fully amortized, and allowing immediate roll out of new services quickly and easily without a large capital investment. Extreme Copper offers industry standards based broadband over copper solutions that can be installed today.

Intelligent Transportation System Impact & Market Size

 Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is a combination of information and communication technologies used in transportation and traffic management systems, which improve the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of transportation networks and reduce traffic congestion. Intelligent Transportation Systems are being widely implemented in a number of areas, such as fleet management and asset monitoring, traffic monitoring systems, traffic signal control systems, collision avoidance systems, variable traffic message signs, parking availability systems, traffic enforcement cameras, and automotive telematics. The Intelligent Transportation System market has been divided into four segments: components, systems, applications, and geographic regions. Furthermore, the market by system has been segmented into advanced traffic management system, advanced traveler information system, ITS-enabled transportation pricing system, advanced public transportation system, commercial vehicle operation system. The global intelligent transportation system market is estimated to reach $33.89 Billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 11.57% between 2015 and 2020. The market for the application in commercial vehicle operation systems is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.92% during the forecast period. This growth is driven by the increasing demand for the expansion of transportation and the growth in the logistic sector.

The impact of Extreme Copper’s solutions on Intelligent Traffic and Transportation Systems (ITS) can be measured in several ways. We:

  • Transform the business case for high speed data communications over existing copper plant and infrastructure
  • Fully leverage the installed base of copper while greatly enhancing distance, backhaul, and front haul bandwidth
  • Accelerate the rollout of efficient traffic and transportation services over hybrid copper, fiber, and secure-WLAN and wireless networks
  • Support rapid deployment of adaptive traffic and transportation systems without putting large infrastructure construction projects in the way
  • Enable the network architect to focus on the algorithms and parametric processing necessary for adaptive traffic and transportation management systems

Our products have traction with state and local government and municipalities who have either deployed or who are using our systems to test their future deployments of their traffic/ITS, public safety, IOT/Smart Car, and video surveillance applications.

Impact on Private and City Government Controlled Business Entities

Advanced copper technologies enable city and state government managers to meet the pressing needs of annually graded broadband service initiatives and to allow standards-based multi-gigabit Ethernet services to unserved and underserved small and medium business customers that cannot be reached with fiber. These solutions enable businesses to utilize legacy constructions by eliminating the need to rewire entire buildings or to create expensive wireless rollouts.

Extreme Copper’s solutions can provide enough bandwidth to a business premise to serve multiple customers in the same building. This allows for the creation of IOT (Internet of Things) and its many new uses to be addressed. Scalable solutions provide increased bandwidth as new requirements and demands emerge to create new revenue generation opportunities with value added Cloud services and to overlay mobile data services to facilitate coverage and greatly reduce individual and bulk subscriber costs.

Additional benefits of utilizing Extreme Copper products include:

  • Quick and cost-effective conversions of T1 and fractional T1 circuit-based services to high speed IP-enabled connections using existing copper pairs to support high speed Ethernet services over bonded G.SHDSL, ADSL2+, and VDSL
  • Provision for cellular backhaul for 3G/4G LTE small cells, Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Systems, and Distributed Antenna System (DAS) sites that cannot be reached cost effectively with fiber

 Market Impact on Utility and Industrial Operators

Extreme Copper develops solutions that provide high bandwidth Ethernet connectivity to rural and underserved schools, offices, and to secure remote monitored locations. There is a need to develop cost efficient reliable intelligent utilities and industrial networks integrating multiple devices such as HD cameras, intelligent sensors, controllers, and WiFi using IP-addressable entities. Businesses and government are looking for solutions that reduce maintenance with rugged, hardened platforms for mission critical applications and to accelerate service implementation by avoiding time and expense of fiber or wireless rollouts. Extreme Copper provides answers to these problems with innovative and cost efficient copper technologies.

Our Industry Partners

No one company can do it alone. Extreme Copper partners with the best manufacturers to integrate, build, provide, sell, and consult on solutions, software, and services our customers need. Extreme Copper is a registered partner of Cisco Systems.