For many, education extends past the boundaries of classroom or library. Students have access to laptops and tablets, but some don’t have any provision for connectivity to the internet.

In fact, connectivity is even required as a prerequisite to next level instruction and daily take-home assignments. Those who do not have access to the internet are not only unable to complete their required assignments, but are kept from reaching their potential and full participation in classroom activities. Our children cannot wait for fiber optic cables or expensive wireless solutions to be installed in outdated legacy constructions, rural areas, or underfunded communities.

The solution is copper. Copper provides a cost-effective fix to utilize existing infrastructure to create access or expand the bandwidth of existing wiring. Extreme Copper’s products provide solutions for network connectivity that can be conveniently installed in outdoor wall mount enclosures, attics, closets, and access ways which are not temperature controlled to reliably enable network services and area connectivity over existing wiring.

Extreme Copper’s products are ideal for improvement of in-class education, high speed video sessions, and remote learning. We recommend the following models: iReader-600 RFID, iSwitch-300 RFID, NE300, NE400, NE600-EFM-4, NE600-EFM-8, NT200R-Plus, NT200R-Plus WiFi, SRi2000-DSLAM-8, SRi2000-DSLAM-16, SRi2000-DSLAM-24, SRi2000-DSLAM-48, SRi2000 ADSL Loop ExtenderSRi9000, and TES7000. Even if the structure contains CAT5, the TES7000 will improve the throughput and bandwidth with multi-gigabit capability enabling high speed internet access.

Copper technology connects schools and classrooms, and provides access to remote learning to enrich education, and provide collaboration, personalized learning, and better security at K-12 schools, colleges, and universities.