Extreme Copper enables cost effective, high bandwidth backhauling of wireless network access equipment which is convenient, reliable, scalable, cost-effective, and supports the synchronous protocols required in today’s outdoor Ethernet-based backhaul networks.

Extreme Copper’s Ethernet-over- Copper technology enables quick siting of outdoor WiFi Access Points, Small Cellular Base Stations, and Distributed Antenna Systems in city, county, state, and private infrastructure. Our technology is designed specifically for urban areas where overlays are required to solve coverage and capacity problems which typically occur due to high-rise buildings impeding macro base station signals and the ever increasing usage of wireless devices within densely populated areas.

Copper infrastructure is everywhere and affords an easy placement of wireless access equipment exactly when and where it is needed without the delays and costs associated with installing fiber. Extreme Copper’s copper technology provides reliability and lacks line of sight or licensing issues associated with microwave and millimeter wave links. Trenching fiber indefinitely still does not allow for optimization of the ever changing wireless landscape and wireless links that are added to the backhaul of wireless access points increase the noise floor. There is nothing more reliable than carrying mission critical wireless traffic over time proven copper backhaul devices.

The recent emergence of Public Safety and FirstNet is placing additional demands on government entities for the backhaul of Small Cell LTE Band 14 Base Stations. Extreme Copper’s backhaul equipment fits right in the low CapEx requirements for deploying these Small Cells. In addition, infrastructure operators now have a new source of revenue generation for their copper infrastructure by being able to sell off excess backhaul bandwidth to carriers and service providers.

Extreme Copper’s high bandwidth solutions are also convenient, reliable, scalable, and cost-effective for the backhauling of wired network distribution and access equipment such as DSLAMs when there is no fiber available. When there is fiber available, the hardened outdoor-ready DSLAMs from Extreme Copper are available with the fiber optic uplink built right in. Extreme Copper provides versatile solutions that resolve many different problems.

Extreme Copper offer Extenders, modems and multiplexers to cover the rate and reach requirements suitable for deployment in temperature hardened outside plant backhaul applications. Typical models for use are the CES700; NE400; NE600-EFM- 4 and NE600-EFM- 8; SRi2000-8, SRi2000-16, SRi2000-24, SRi2000-48, and ADSL Loop Extender; and SRi9000. Extreme Copper is committed to enabling the best and the latest in copper technologies with the ultimate benefit of enabling necessary transmission speeds and minimizing infrastructure costs and unnecessary fiber upgrades.


Extreme Copper, Inc. has added 2.5-Gbit/sec port speed support to its line of TES7000 Hardened Ethernet Switches. These Multi-Gigabit speed ports incorporate the technology behind NBase-T and can interface to the new 802.11ac wireless access points over the already installed base of Category 5e or Category 6 cabling.

Incorporating NBase-T technology, these Multi-Gigabit speed switches are now ready to offer increased bandwidth and the ability to backhaul several wireless streams simultaneously on the same wireless access point, for example. Based on NBase-T specifications, this new technology delivers speeds of 1Gb/s and now 2.5Gb/s on existing Cat 5e/6 cabling with the new Multi-Gigabit ports; thereby, eliminating the need to upgrade the cabling infrastructure. This can result in major cost savings; it is estimated that the typical cost of pulling a new Ethernet cable can run from $200 to $1,000 per port. The TES7000 also supports 2.5Gb/s over single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic cabling.