The road and highway network runs on a wide range of bandwidths, data extensions, and highway management resources. The classic traffic network, in its’ most basic form, includes street traffic controllers where lights are switched from red to yellow to green or there is a flashing yellow light for cautionary access. The intelligent network has been expanded to include not just traffic lights, but also common message signs, CCTV, ramp meters, all types of counters, bicycle detection devices, advanced data communications devices, and a host of other devices.

This network is wide ranging in the types of traffic – vehicle and pedestrian – it serves at all varying speeds and at all times. All of the moving entities can be captured as parametric data frames, which are inherently random in nature. For example, utilization periods alternate with phases of very low to very high usage.

Prioritized data from surveillance sensors must work in real time to capture what are typically slow and random moving data parameters. The devices in play must meet many different environmental constraints, such as extreme ranges of temperature and varying weather conditions.

Extreme Copper’s technology and products provide solutions to all these problems. Technologies such as Fast Ethernet, Fast Single- and Multi-Pair Copper, Multi Gigabit Copper, IOT, and RFID are being melded into the network to create these integrated intelligent traffic network infrastructures of the future. Bandwidth congestion can be controlled with switches and routers; therefore, Extreme Copper’s recommended models for use are the iReader-600 RFID and iSwitch-300 RFID.