The new retail shopping experience is increasingly mobile and personalized. Store owners and shopping centers need to take advantage of new technologies to provide a creative and entertaining experience for their customers. In many instances, the store has become a virtual entity residing anywhere where there is network access. This access puts customers in control and enables retailers to meet customers wherever they are: on their desktops, in store, or on mobile devices.

To keep up with market demands, shopping centers and department stores need to provide secure wireless internet for their customers; and connect their tenants and employees to create applications for better user experience by providing information on shopping habits, tracking best selling merchandise, and connecting remote distribution centers and warehouses.

A virtual shopping environment must deliver relevant content to their customers, meeting their demand and exceeding their expectations. The network must deliver a powerful and secure shopping platform that enables the gathering an assessment of data to enhance customer experience, grow sales, and streamline all operations.

This network must run critical store systems economically from a Cloud based platform with mobile access and secure monitoring and support.

Extreme Copper products provide solutions for network connectivity that can be conveniently installed in attics, closets, and access ways which are not temperature controlled to reliably enable network services and local area connectivity over existing wiring. Typical models for use are the NT200R+ Modem, NE600 EFM, and the TES7000 Switch. Even if the structure contains CAT5, the TES7000 will improve the throughput and bandwidth with multi-gigabit capability. Our products are designed to create these upgrades without a lengthy buildout process or expensive wiring upgrades. Legacy constructions that are unable to upgrade to fiber or add services via expensive wireless solutions can take advantage of this today. Our solutions are designed to help unlock new sales opportunities, create market differentiation, and allow retailers to develop the applications to do business whenever and wherever.