Operations for Manufacturing, Industrial, and Mining Industries are driven by the need for streamlined processes and the need to develop services at lower costs. The lack of integration and visibility leads to a broad range of issues that include inefficient operations, slow response times, poor quality control, high overhead, and compromised security.

IoT is boosting innovation and efficiency in businesses by connecting devices, vehicles, buildings, and other items. The evolution of smart manufacturing and mining industries is also transforming various processes, but users need to adapt quickly and effortlessly. Extreme Copper provides solutions that are easy to configure and install. Our solutions are setup without major training effort or complex user intervention.

Extreme Copper products provide solutions for network connectivity that can be conveniently installed in outdoor cabinets, on shop floors, and in field bunker boxes which are not temperature controlled to reliably enable network services and full area connectivity over existing wiring. Typical models for use are the iReader-600 RFID, iSwitch-300 RFID, NE300, NE400, NE600-EFM-4, NE600-EFM-8, RP300, and TES7000. Even if the structure contains CAT5, the TES7000 will improve the throughput and bandwidth with multi-gigabit capability. Extreme Copper has all the necessary building blocks for Manufacturing, Industrial, and Mining Applications in the networked world – the Internet of Things.