Advances in technology present challenges for public officials – a lack of fast and reliable services over a secure network and a need to obtain cost effective solutions halt many projects. Installation of new fiber bundles involves expensive and time consuming digs, which often involves tearing out existing street and roads; implementation of wireless connectivity is an expensive and less secure proposition.

Extreme Copper is helping to connect and strengthen communities throughout the country. We enable cities and counties to deliver efficient services for civil, emergency and safety agencies; public works agencies; public employees; and their citizens to create a safer and more sustainable community. We connect rural, underserved, and overpopulated communities with a fast, secure, and reliable network connection.

Extreme Copper products provide solutions for network connectivity that can be conveniently installed in field hub cabinets, on the walls of outdoor structures and in access ways which are not temperature controlled to reliably enable network services and local area connectivity over existing wiring. Our products are especially designed to work with existing wiring and infrastructure to reduce costs associated with updating systems and installing new equipment.

We recommend the following models to create and improve network connections: CES7000, iReader-600 RFID, iSwitch-300 RFID, NE300, NE400, NE600-EFM-4, NE600-EFM-8, NT200R-Plus, NT200R-Plus WiFi, RP300, SRi2000-DSLAM-8, SRi2000-DSLAM-16, SRi2000-DSLAM-24, SRi2000-DSLAM-48, and TES7000. Our solutions are designed to help unlock new opportunities, develop new business applications, and connect communities.